Whether your vehicle is an off-road monster, a high-performance racing circuit car, a transport truck or construction machine, or any type of mobile equipment or vehicle, NOTHING beats an AveoGo™ waterproof, shockproof, glare-free and low-profile or conformal vehicle light.  From Lamborghini race cars to off-road ATVs, AveoGo™ lights are the world's brightest and sleekest.

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By far the most technologically-advanced and coolest designer of led lighting in the world is AveoEngineering.  Having taken the challenge to create a dramatic paradigm-shift in the aerospace lighting industry first, Aveo is now established as a preferred custom lights supplier to most all of the world's largest aircraft manufacturers - from small aircraft up to commercial airliners and even the burgeoning space tourism vehicles industry, along with every single major defense aerospace company globally.  Aveo enjoys over 70% market share in the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) market, and is the exclusive provider of conformal, environmental condition proof lights operating up to 80,000 feet and at temperatures as low as minus 90 Celsius without any heating elements.  AveoEngineering designs and manufactures proprietary designs using our patented technologies for a wide variety of industries outside of aviation, as per the links on this page.

AveoShark™ Marine LED Lighting

Bringing the incredible performance, way-cool design standards, and unmatched environmental conditions performance of our aerospace market lights to marine lighting was a logical next step for Aveo.  If you are a boat owner, or boat builder, you NEED to see what Aveo has for you!  

Aveo has put its incredible technology into the development of the most robust (unbreakable) and smallest footprint marine lighting products, while offering CUSTOM and SLEEK form factors for boat manufacturers, just like we did for the U.S. Navy!

GreenAir Engineering™ Innovative Renewable Technologies

Focused on cutting-edge design, development and manufacturing of renewable and eco-friendly products for the GreenAir™ brand and also custom OEM products.  From the design and production of such example products as the GreenAir LiteBench™ from natural wheat composites and eco-resins all the way to advanced LED UV-C disinfection systems, GreenAir Engineering covers a wide spectrum of technologies and blends them with its engineering resources in its fellow Group companies experiences to provide dramatic changes in products design and materials. GreenAir Engineering can help you convert your existing legacy products to "green" products faster, better and cheaper than anyone else.

Strojkov Engineering™ Design Engineering & Product Development

A world-class design house with more than 12 years experience providing CAD design, new product design and product improvement design work for famous global companies in the aerospace, construction equipment, materials, transport, renewable energy and electronics products industries.   Strojkov is an innovation centre that can help you break paradigms and revitalize your product lines or rapidly develop new designs and related technical drawings and tooling drawings too.

EmergiStrobe™ Safety LED Lighting

Emergency lighting products in today's market are dinosaurs, they are large, easily-breakable and optically terrible.  Aveo has put its incredible technology into the development of the most robust (unbreakable) and smallest footprint standard emergency lighting products.  Whether you need warning lights for the harsh operating conditions of mining operations, construction vehicles, offshore oil rigs, transport vehicles, towers or bridges/buildings, there are no finer and more durable products than Aveo, bar none.

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